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For almost 30 years, The Cheeks Law Firm has committed to serving our clients and communities with the highest level of intergrity, trust and honesty. Whatever your needs are, our job is to find the solutions. We aim to make your case our number one priority while always offering you top quality and professional service.

Primary Practice Areas

Estate Planning and Probate

We will work delingently to offer you the best guidance and advice in planning and determining how your estate will be distributed among your inheritors upon your passing and making sure your wishes are carried out properly. We are experienced when it comes to settling estates. We help resolve claims and distribute the deceased person’s property under a valid Will, or through intestate (no Will) succession.

Elder Law

Our attorneys are prepared to handle matters related to the physical abuse/neglect or abandonment and/or financial exploitation of individuals considered to be elderly or incapacitated. We also offer assistance in obtaining a guardianship or conservatorship for your elder or incapacitated loved ones. The Cheeks Law Firm will work hard to help you protect the ones you care for.

Personal Injury Law

Day in and day out, negligence leads to terrible accidents that affect innocent lives. If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s mistake or action, you deserve compensation for what you have suffered. We are dedicated to helping those who have been wronged fight for justice.

Worker’s Compensation

Injuries can happen quickly and unexpectedly on the job, like a slip or fall. Then there are injuries that can take years to develop from the continuous strain of carrying heavy loads or other intense activities. At Cheeks Law Firm, we’re dedicated to ensuring you are represented in navigating all aspects of your workers’ compensation claim – you don’t have to go it alone!

Collaborative Divorce Law

Collaborative Divorce is a new way for divorcing couples – especially those with children – to re-structure their families without court intervention. In a Collaborative Divorce process, we show the participants how to agree and resolve their disputes in a respectful manner rather than hiring adversarial lawyers or having a judge decide important questions about their family. Cheeks Law Firm is trained in techniques to help couples design the best result possible for the family.   

Entertainment Law

We regularly apply a myriad of legal disciplines to the clients we serve within the entertainment industry. We frequently engage in matters that involve drafting contracts, agreements. and other legal documents to analyze rights issues or other business or legal implications relating to entertainment projects.

From Our Clients

“My 97 year old aunt needed to make some adjustments to her estate. Attorney Joyce Cheeks was very patient, detailed and understanding throughout the entire process. Because of Attorney Cheeks’ effienciency in this matter, things went very smooth for our family after the death of our aunt. Without such guidance and expertise, things would have gone awry within our large family. I am forever grateful to The Cheeks Law Firm.”

Glenda Wilder, Columbia, SC

“Attorney Joyce Cheeks is the consummate legal professional. She has handled several legal transactions for my family and for me personally. She not only guides you through complex legal issues but she takes the time to listen no matter how emotional the story may be. Through her staff when she is not available, she gets back to you in order to ensure that your needs have been met. I highly recommend Joyce Cheeks, Esquire.”

Ernestine Middleton, Blythewood, SC

“Attorney Joyce Cheeks is the real deal. She knows her stuff. She has handled some transactions for me in the past. But after hearing her share her vast knowledge about Estate Planning, I have made it my intention this year to hire her to reconstruct and restructure my estate. I highly recommend Cheeks Law Firm to anyone looking for a great attorney. “

Bill Patterson, Blythewood, SC

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